The Ultimate Guide to Whiteners

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How You Can Whiten Your Teeth At Home Everybody wishes to have white teeth. But most of the time, you will have yellowish colored teeth as you grow old. The cause why you have stained or discolored teeth is because of the food you eat and the beverages you drink. As a solution, you can try the teeth whitening and this do not have some side effects. In teeth whitening, there are different techniques to use. You can do the teeth whitening in the clinic of the dentist or at home. A whitening gel can be applied to whiten your teeth in a tray made by a dentist. If the external surface of the teeth become yellowish because of food and drinks such as tea, coffee, or tobacco, a hygienist or plastic surgeon can remove it through proper cleaning. If you choose the whitening treatment for you, the dentist will think of the following:
Whiteners – Getting Started & Next Steps
The maculation extent and type. A professional should whiten your teeth if the mark has been present for the longest time.
Whiteners – Getting Started & Next Steps
There are also other ways how to whiten the teeth. Like for example is the toothpaste you use. There are components of the teeth whitening toothpaste that contain whitening chemicals to remove the stains of your teeth. The teeth whitening toothpaste, decolorizing gels, and other whitening techniques are in the market with carbamide peroxide. There are lots of them which come from global businesses and they have made extensive research just to provide effective and not harmful teeth whitening products. But if you have sensitive teeth like when you eat too cold food or too hot food, you will feel uncomfortable. You may also feel uncomfortable when you use whitening product and you need to consult your dentist about this. You can buy from the market some of the home teeth whitening bleaching gels and they are less harmful. Although sensitivity will happen, this may go away after several days or hours. There are many ways you can do if you have sensitivity. If you are making use of tray applicator, you can have it on the tray for a short period of time. You must use a toothpaste with potassium nitrate and fluoride if you have sensitive teeth. You should stop the teeth whitening for a while so that you teeth will get used to the whitening process. If you have oral disease like gum disease, worn tooth enamel, and dental work like tooth crowns or caps, you should not use bleach based whitening gel. You must prevent from using bleach teeth whitening when you are pregnant or breast feeding. You can also use the teeth whitening strips as it is made of plastic and has the hydrogen peroxide on one of the sides. The strip can be applied daily from two weeks to one month. However, the strip may not be enough compared to professional dental whitening.

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